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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Plaza PremiumLounge Management Limited (“PPL”) and its group companies, which own, manageand operate a group of airport hospitality services under the brands “PlazaPremium Lounge”, “Aerotel” and “Allways” are committed to protecting and respectingthe privacy of our customers.

“Data” refersto any representation of information (including an expression of opinion) inany document, and includes a personal identifier. “Personal Data” refers todata (a) which relates directly or indirectly to a living individual; (b) fromwhich it is practicable for the identity of the individual to be directly orindirectly ascertained; and (c) in forms which access to or processing of thedata is practicable.

“PlazaPremium Group” means Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited and its groupcompanies.

In thisPrivacy Policy, words denoting one gender shall include the other gender andthe neuter and vice versa, and words denoting the singular number shall includethe plural number and vice versa.

In this PrivacyPolicy, the headings and captions used herein are inserted for convenience ofreference only and shall not affect its interpretation.

This PrivacyPolicy sets out the policies and practices of which any information includingPersonal Data collected, processed, used and retained by us for the purposes ofour operation of Plaza Premium Lounge’s business, provision of services to ourcustomers and offering other services or products of Plaza Premium Group thatmay be of interest to our customers. You should read the following carefully tounderstand our views and practices regarding Personal Data and how we willtreat and protect it in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data(Privacy) Ordinance (Cap.486) (the “Ordinance”).

Allnon-English versions of this Privacy Policy are translations of the originalversion in English for information purpose only. In the event of anydiscrepancy, the English version will prevail.


Collection ofInformation


Retention ofPersonal Data

Purposes forCollection and Use of Personal Data

Disclosure ofPersonal Data


Access Rights

Changes toPrivacy Policy



Collection ofInformation

We willrequest you to provide the following Data for our collection and process of thesame, including but not limited to:

Informationand/or Data collected from you when you set up an account with us including butnot limited to name, email address, your registration status with other servicebrands owned or managed by Plaza Premium Group, loyalty programme registrationnumber, correspondence address, food and beverage preferences and servicerequests;

Survey andresearch information collected from you by online or offline channels;

Device andusage information about your browser or device, including the type of deviceyou are using, your browser and operating system, your internet serviceprovider, your internet protocol (“IP”) address, your device and mobile adidentifiers (e.g., Apple IDFA or Android AAID), the referring website, the webpages of our website that you view, the services and functions you access oruse and the ads you click or scroll over. To collect this information, we mayuse log files that record events in connection with your use of our services,as well as cookies and similar technologies, such as web beacons embedded inmarketing emails.

Locationinformation about the location of your device, such as information thatidentifies your device’s precise location (e.g., GPS latitude and longitudelevel) or its approximate location (e.g., less precise location estimated basedon a browser or device’s IP address). We collect this location information orderive it from your GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth or other device settings for purposesof enhancing or facilitating our services, such as to enable the functionalityof our websites or mobile applications.  We may also use your device locationinformation to help us understand how our websites, mobile applications, andother services and functionality are being used, or to deliver more relevantadvertising or personalised experiences for you, including tailored marketingoffers or messages based on your location, preferences or related context.

Supply ofinformation or Personal Data to us is non-obligatory except that certainPersonal Data is required to be provided by local laws. You may also want to becautious about providing any information or Personal Data through WiFi or anyother wireless Internet connection and you should understand and accept thatthe risk associated with such connection methods are out of PPL’sresponsibility and no security system or system of transmitting informationover the Internet is guaranteed to be secure.



You shouldunderstand that while cookies in general do not tell us your email address orother Personal Data, however, if you voluntarily provide such information orPersonal Data to us by, for example, registering an account with us orsubscribing for any of our services, such information may be linked to the datain the cookie.

In additionto the information we collect through cookies, we also collect behavioural Dataand store such Data for analytical purposes so as to conduct marketing researchand improve the quality of our website and mobile applications. Such Dataincludes information about your visit such as your server address, the date andtime of your visit, the page you accessed, the information you downloaded andthe type of Internet browser you used.

The use ofany information we collected either through the use of cookies or otherwiseshall be subject to this Privacy Policy.

Most webbrowsers are initially set up to accept cookies. You may choose to edit yourbrowser options to block cookies in the future.

Please takenote that cookies from third parties unaffiliated with Plaza Premium Group orour business partners may be set before, during or after browsing our website.We do not and cannot control these cookies set by third parties and you shouldcheck with these third-party websites for more information about their cookies.


Retention ofPersonal Data

Data providedby you will be retained for such period as may be necessary for carrying outthe purposes stated in this Privacy Policy and in any event, for as long asrequired by the applicable law. Unless otherwise agreed, hard copies of anydocuments containing Personal Data that you have provided to us become ourproperty and we will destroy any documents in possession in accordance with theapplicable law.

Datacollected by us in order to carry out the purposes or directly related purposesstated in this Privacy Policy will be stored in our databases. The databasesowned and managed by Plaza Premium Group or Suppliers may include Personal Datasuch as guest name, address, email, and/or phone numbers.

The databasesmanaged by us may also include guest passport number or driver licence numberif such is required by local laws or you voluntarily choose to save suchinformation in your account with us for facilitating your future bookings.However, under no circumstances shall credit card payment information beretained or stored in our databases.

All PersonalData stored in our databases are encrypted and treated as confidentialinformation.

We may alsostore other information such as your special requests, food and beveragepreferences and transaction history in our databases and this information maybe shared and/or used by Plaza Premium Group and/or affiliated businesses unitsfor marketing and/or analysis to enhance customers’ experience.


As we operatePlaza Premium Lounge as well as a variety of international airport services invarious countries, the nature of our business requires us to transfer PersonalData to other companies within Plaza Premium Group, operation units or serviceproviders that may be located outside of your own country for the purposesmentioned in this Private Policy. You agree to this transfer, storing orprocessing by submitting your Personal Data to us. We shall take all stepsreasonably necessary to ensure that your Personal Data is treated securely andin accordance with this Privacy Policy. Where such a transfer is performed, itwill be done in compliance with the requirements of the Ordinance in effect.Plaza Premium Group will take reasonable and exercise due diligence to ensurethat Personal Data, after being transferred to recipients located in othercountries will not be stored, processed, or used in any manner which, if itwere in Hong Kong, would be a contravention of the Ordinance in effect.


Purposes forCollection and Use of Personal Data

The purposesfor which your Data may be and/or is used by us include, without limitation to,in the following ways:

To processand administer your room reservation application;

To fulfil andprocess requests submitted by you for any services offered by us;

To provideand maintain website and mobile applications or any of our other services toyou;

To provideand/or market the goods and/or services provided by us and/or our affiliatedbusiness partners;

To manage therelationship between you and Plaza Premium Group;

To facilitateour business operations across our group of companies including the fulfilmentof any legal requirements; and

To evaluate,develop, offer and promote goods and/or services provided by us and/or ouraffiliated business partners.

We will notuse your Personal Data to conduct direct marketing via email, push message,direct mail, telephone, fax and or other form of communication, to provide youwith information about goods and/or services which are a part of servicesoffered to you by Plaza Premium Group unless you have agreed to receivingmarketing materials in such manner when providing your Personal Data to us.

If you agreeto the above direct marketing use, your Personal Data held by us may be sharedwithin Plaza Premium Group. The intended kinds of Personal Data to be used areall kinds of your Personal Data which necessarily enable us to establishcontact with you; and to market or promote a variety of our services,facilities and related goods and/or services offered by us and/or affiliatedbusinesses. However, we shall not use or provide your Personal Data unlessexempted by the Ordinance in effect or we have received your consent.


Your consentto the use of your Personal Data for the direct marketing use as indicatedabove can be given in the following ways:

You mayopt-out from receiving marketing communications at any time, free of charge, bythe following ways: following the “opt-out” instructions contained in themarketing communications; or writing to us at the address listed below undersection 7 – “Contact”.

Disclosure ofPersonal Data

If you haveregistered a member account with us, you hold the sole responsibility ofsafeguarding your own login and password information for your account with usand such should not be disclosed to any third parties. We shall not ask you foryour password under any circumstances. The risks of the leakage of yourPersonal Data resulting from your loss of the login and password informationlie solely with you.

Youacknowledge and understand that the transmission of information via theInternet is not completely secure. Although we have taken practical steps tosafeguard your Personal Data, to prevent unauthorised access, and haveimplemented high standard security measures to protect any informationreceived, we do not guarantee the security of your Personal Data transmittedvia Internet, and you acknowledge and accept that any transmission is at yourown risk.

You authoriseus to use and share Personal Data provided by you within Plaza Premium Groupand its affiliated businesses and the Suppliers who provide services to assistin fulfilling the purposes, or directly related purposes for which the PersonalData was collected, or as required under the relevant laws.

You agree toupdate your own Personal Data from time to time so that it remains accurate.

You authoriseour Suppliers to disclose your Personal Data registered with such Suppliers tous, whether such Personal Data has been previously provided to us or not.

Youunderstand that, it is an inherent part of our business to provide you qualityservices and facilities owned, managed and/or operated by us or our affiliatedbusinesses. As a result, this requires the sharing of your Personal Data to ouraffiliated businesses, and that you may opt out of such sharing by notsubscribing our services or not registering account with us. You may withdrawyour authorisation as at any time pursuant to Clause 7.3.


By usingservices provided by us and/or by providing any Personal Data to us viaregistering an account with us, you consent to the collection and/or use ofyour Personal Data and/or other Data as stated in this Privacy Policy and asset out elsewhere in any legal notices. You should not provide us any PersonalData if you do not consent to such collection and/or use.


 Access Rights

You mayrequest to access and to correct your Personal Data held by us. If you wish toobtain a copy of any of such Personal Data, or if you believe that suchPersonal Data is incorrect, or if you believe that such Personal Data was usedbeyond the scope of the purposes or directly related purposes as stated in thisPrivacy Policy or was acquired by fraudulent or unlawful means, please write tous at the address listed below under section 9 – “Contact”.

A request foraccess or correction to, or deletion of Personal Data, or to obtain a copy ofthe Privacy Policy must be in writing and send to us at the address listedbelow under section 9 – “Contact”.

If at anytime you wish withdraw your consent to be bound by the Privacy Policy or do notwish to remain a subscriber to our mailing list, you are able to unsubscribefrom our mailing list by contacting us either by emailing onlinestore.mal@plaza-network.com with the subject “Unsubscribe”, or mail to "Privacy DataOfficer – Plaza Premium Lounge Malaysia Sdn Bhd, L10F-21-25, gateway@klia2,Level 1, Terminal KLIA2, KL International Airport, Jalan klia2/1, 64000 KLIA, SelangorDarul Ehsan, Malaysia". We will process your request within 10 businessdays.

All dataprivacy is handled in accordance with the Ordinance in effect. Should anyprovision of this Privacy Policy stipulated herein be found by any court oradministrative body of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable,the invalidity or unenforceability of such provision shall not affect the otherprovisions of this Privacy Policy. All provisions not affected by such invalidityor unenforceability shall remain in full force and effect.


Changes toPrivacy Policy

You acceptand agree that we shall have the sole discretion to amend this Privacy Policyupon reasonable notice where it is possible and/or practical to give suchnotice. Any revised version of this Privacy Policy shall be effective as at thedate of publication on Smart Traveller Website.



You may visitus on www.myaerostore.plazapremiumlounge.com/ or contact us in writing attention to: “Privacy Data Officer – PlazaPremium Lounge Malaysia Sdn Bhd, L10F-21-25, gateway@klia2, Level 1, TerminalKLIA2, KL International Airport, Jalan klia2/1, 64000 KLIA, Selangor DarulEhsan, Malaysia” if you have any concerns or requests about this Privacy Policyor how we have been using your Personal Data.